What Does ‘Throwing Up 4s’ Mean?

If you’ve been around any popular social media platform recently, you may have noticed people ‘throwing up 4s’. But what does that mean? The phrase ‘throwing up 4s’ is used to describe a celebratory gesture made by making a four with both hands. It’s often done after achieving something great or to express excitement. Let’s take a closer look at what throwing up 4s means and why it’s used.

What Does ‘Throwing Up 4s’ Mean?

The Meaning Behind Throwing Up 4s

The phrase ‘4s’ is said to originate from various cultures and traditions, but the most likely explanation for its popularity is its link to the number four. The number four has held significance in many religions, including Christianity and Ancient Egyptian beliefs, as well as in numerology and astrology. So when someone throws up four fingers—index finger and pinky on both hands—it symbolizes peace, unity, completeness, and protection.

Other Explanations For Throwing Up 4s

There are other explanations for why people throw up 4s. One of the most popular explanations stems from sports culture in particular basketball where it’s said that players do it to tip off their opponents that they’re shooting 3-pointers or free throws instead of 2-pointers (since there are four fingers extended). There are also some who say it comes from the phrase “for life,” since there are four letters in each word. However, these explanations don’t seem to be as widely accepted as the first one mentioned above.

Throwing Up the 4s: What Does it Mean?

What Does Throwing Up the 4s Mean?

The meaning of throwing up 4s is simple but nuanced. To throw up 4s typically implies a celebration or acknowledgment of something that has been accomplished. It can also be used to express solidarity with a particular group or cause. For example, if someone were to “throw up” the number four using their hands, they would be expressing support for their favorite sports team (the four fingers representing the team’s logo). The gesture can also be used to show appreciation for someone else’s accomplishment or success.

Where Did Throwing Up the 4s Come From?

The origin of throwing up the 4s is somewhat unclear. Some trace its roots back to Japanese manga and anime culture, where certain characters use hand gestures as a way to signify different emotions or feelings. Others suggest that it stems from American gang culture, where gang members would make “4-finger flicking” motions with their hands as a sign of respect and loyalty towards each other. Regardless of its exact origin, it has become increasingly popular in recent years as an expression of camaraderie within online communities—particularly those related to hip-hop and rap music culture.

How Do You Throw Up the 4s?

Throwing up the 4s is easy and straightforward—all you need to do is extend your index finger and your little finger outwards while keeping your other two fingers tucked close together (forming an upside-down peace sign). This can be done with one hand or both hands depending on how dramatic you want to be! If you want to take things a step further, you could try making some accompanying noises such as clapping your hands together or shouting out loud words like “yeah!” or “woo hoo!”


Throwing up 4s is a fun way to show appreciation for something special or express solidarity with others who share similar interests and values. Whether you’re showing support for your favorite sports team or celebrating someone else’s success, all you need to do is extend your index finger and little finger outwards while keeping your other two fingers tucked close together—and don’t forget the accompanying noise! With this knowledge in hand, go forth and throw up those four fingers proudly!

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