Can Airtags Get Wet: A Guide to Using Airtags in Wet Environments

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with Airtags, the small, round, and wireless location trackers designed to help you find your lost items. Airtags are a great way to keep track of your belongings, but what happens if they get wet? Can Airtags get wet, or are they only suitable for dry environments? In this article, we’ll explore the question of whether Airtags can get wet and provide you with some tips on how to use Airtags in wet environments.

Can Airtags Get Wet: A Guide to Using Airtags in Wet Environments

Before we dive into whether Airtags can get wet, let’s take a moment to understand what they are. Airtags are small, round tracking devices that use Bluetooth technology to communicate with your Apple devices. You can attach an Airtag to your keys, backpack, or other belongings, and then use your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to locate the item if it goes missing.

Can Airtags Get Wet?

The short answer is yes; Airtags can get wet. However, it’s important to note that Airtags are not designed to be submerged in water or exposed to moisture for an extended period. If you accidentally drop your Airtag in a puddle or get caught in the rain, the device will likely still work, but you should remove it from the wet environment as soon as possible.

How to Use Airtags in Wet Environments

If you’re planning to use your Airtag in a wet environment, such as near a pool or at the beach, there are a few things you can do to protect the device and ensure that it continues to work correctly.

  1. Use a Waterproof Case

One of the easiest ways to protect your Airtag from water damage is to use a waterproof case. You can find a variety of Airtag cases on the market that are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant. These cases will protect your Airtag from splashes, rain, or accidental submersion.

  1. Keep Your Airtag Dry

Another way to protect your Airtag in wet environments is to keep it dry. If you’re at the beach or by the pool, for example, make sure to keep your Airtag in a dry place, such as a waterproof bag or container. If your Airtag does get wet, make sure to dry it off as soon as possible.

  1. Replace the Battery Regularly

Airtags are designed to last for about a year before the battery needs to be replaced. However, if your Airtag gets wet, the battery life may be shorter than expected. To ensure that your Airtag continues to work correctly, it’s a good idea to replace the battery regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Airtags be used to track my pet?

Airtags are not designed to be used as pet trackers. However, you can attach an Airtag to your pet’s collar to help locate them if they go missing.

Can Airtags be used to track a stolen item?

Airtags are designed to help you find lost items, not stolen items. If you suspect that an item has been stolen, you should contact the authorities.

Can I track multiple Airtags at once?

Yes, you can track multiple Airtags at once using the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


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