How To Choose RAM?


How To Choose RAM (Random Access Memory) is important computer hardware that will directly affect your user experience. There are two types of RAM: DRAM and SRAM, the former being the most commonly used one. Although technically DRAM can be implemented as SRAM, it sacrifices speed for lower cost due to the higher complexity of … Read more

How to Choose a Motherboard


Motherboards are the backbone of every computer. They provide all the peripheral connections, and they include circuitry for communicating with other components in the system. It’s important to pick a motherboard that is compatible with your CPU, memory type, hard disk drives, optical drives, case, and power supply unit. The first step in selecting a … Read more

How To Buy A PC Monitor A Guide 2022

PC Monitor

PC Monitor¬†gaming has evolved into a worldwide industry, with professional gaming circuits and legions of fans. Gaming PCs may or may not be built by gamers themselves, but gaming monitors must be chosen by gamers. Taking it a step further, professional gaming tournaments use specialized gaming monitors to ensure the best gaming experience for their … Read more

How To Buy A Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboard

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to gaming peripherals, especially PC gaming keyboards. Choosing the right keyboard can make or break your gameplay, and it also has a major impact on ergonomics and comfort over long periods. In this article, we’re going to discuss all of the most important factors … Read more

How To Buy A Gaming Laptop A Guide for 2022

Gaming Laptop

As time progresses and technology advances, the act of buying a Gaming Laptop has gotten more complicated. However, there is no need to fear: if you have a basic understanding of what each component does then you can easily find a pre-built PC that will work well for your needs. There are a few important … Read more